Wish List Thursday, Jun 19 2008 

 “Wish” list…

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? Both
I love to make…..do crafts, keep my hands busy
I really want to make……so much
My favorite yarns are…..soft yarn from hobby lobby, thread
My wish pattern is……anything, I am open, love to learn how to make crochet jewerly with or without beads (necklaces and earrings)
My favorite hooks or needles are…..crochet hooks, short knitting needles
I really wish I had…..more time to complete all the things I want to do
My favorite colors are…purple and green, bright colors sometimes
My hobbies…crocheting, knitting, loom knitting, sewing, machine embroidery
My kitchen theme and colors..I am wanting to change it to old things from the past
My bathroom theme and colors…green
My dislikes….strong scents and unappreciative people
My crafts..what I like….if it is a craft I love to do it or try to do it
My allergies…some medicines
My favorite pets…dogs
My favorite scents…Lavender, soft scents
My favorite novels or magazines…Crochet magazines, Susan Wiggs and Nicholas Sparks
Other stuff about me…I try to live everyday to its fullest. Life is so short. You never know what may be thrown your way and you need to be ready for anything. 


Introduction Friday, Jun 13 2008 

Hi, I am Sue. I live in Louisiana. I am a retired nurse who loves to keep her hands busy with crafts of all kinds, crochet, knitting, loom knitting, machine embroidery, sewing and crafts in general. I have several grown children with grandchildren and great grandchildren. I have early onset alzheimer’s and sometimes may ask the same question twice. Be patient. I look forward to learning new crafts everyday and new ways to do crafts I already know how to do. Life is so short fulfill your dreams. Hug someone and let them know you care. May God bless.